GStreamer OpenGL with ANGLE?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use GStreamer with ANGLE?

Specifically on macOS since the OpenGL version is ancient and deprecated.

Yes, ANGLE has been used successfully in the past on Windows. I do not know of anyone using it on macOS though.

I would suggest trying out the Vulkan elements though which use MoltenVK to translate to Metal and already have some integration with the vtdec decoders.

I’m quite a novice in the Vulkan (and GStreamer) world, so any advice is very helpful. Thanks!

I do wonder if I can accomplish the following using a Vulkan element:

  • Filter: Get texture in, write texture out, with good decode/encode performance on GPU
  • Software driver: Possible to run on computers without Vulkan without changes to the filter

MacOS will only be the development platform, the target platform will be Linux with and without GPU support.

Technically yes you can use Vulkan to achieve these things but there may be a couple of missing pieces. Software fallback of Vulkan or GL is likely going to be slow and would be much better suited to a separate implementation. But it is possible.

For now, if the target is Linux, then OpenGL is fine as well.