Using Discourse via email

Hello everyone,

Here are some instructions on how to use discourse via email.

Per-category notifications

For each category you can adjust how often emails are sent by clicking on the :bell: icon at the top-right of categories.


This is similar to the daily summaries from the mailing-list. You can configure how often you get such summaries (if at all) in your user preferences.

  • Click on your avatar, then “:gear: Preferences”, then “:email: Emails”.
  • Activity Summary allows you to chose the frequency

maling-list mode

If you wish to have the firehose of emails for anything posted on the discourse, you can activate the “Mailing list Mode” on the same page as above

Replying by email

You can reply by email to topics and private messages. Make sure you reply to the “Reply-To” address though.


Replying by email is also activated now :partying_face:

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