About license of old GStreamer revision


We are developing products using GStreamer.

The latest GStreamer is LGPL, while the older revisions look like GPL. (e.g. rev.01.22( GStreamer / gstreamer · GitLab)

Can we apply the LGPL to older revisions too?


GStreamer has always been LGPL from the start. Not sure why you think it was GPL before.

Refer to Licensing your applications and plugins for use with GStreamer for more information

Maybe the confusion is about “Library General Public License” and “Lesser General Public License”? They’re the same confusing name for the same thing, the LGPL.

What changed since 1.22 is that the license files were all updated to LGPL 2.1 (from 2) in LICENSE: Upgrade to LGPL v2.1 (892925aa) · Commits · GStreamer / gstreamer · GitLab to better reflect the reality.


@bilboed @slomo
Thank you for your quick reply.

As Mr. Slomo said, I confused the “Library General Public License” with the “Lesser General Public License”.