Accessing Aravis through Gstreamer API

I am working on a camera driver using the GStreamer plugin. I intended to use the gstaravis plugin, but my camera (Nocture U3) is unique and doesn’t use standard naming conventions (for example, ‘gain’ is referred to as ‘AGC’). Therefore, I planned to create a new plugin based on gstaravis and modify it to work with my camera. However, after copying it, changing all the names, creating a custom meson build, and obtaining a .dylib, I am unable to see my new plugin when running gst-inspect-1.0 [Name] . Do you have any idea what could be happening?
I will gladly provide more information if needed.
Thank you for your help.

Found the issue here : A confusing execute error · Issue #7 · HSU-ANT/gstpeaq · GitHub