Adding plugin compiled with program

Hello, I have recently been trying to use the Qt 6 QML sink for gstreamer. I have tried the conventional method, compiling a custom build with the correct plugins and installing this.

I have also tried to add the qt6qmlsink files to my project and installing a standard version of Gstreamer(like a program QGroundControl does that I use), the project compiles fine, it finds the QML module etc.

However when I try to create the sink element “qml6glsink” it returns 0 indicating it failed to create the element. I understand this is because it is trying to use a version of gtreamer without the qml6 plugin.

I have looked through the QGroundControl code(I am using the same version of gstreamer as it) and I can’t seem to see where or how it tells gstreamer about this plugin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


So I have tried using:

gst_plugin_register_static(1,1,"qml6glsink","Qt QML SINK",plugin_init, "1", "LGPL", "G","S","T");

Which is allowing the qml6glsink to be created with gst_element_factory make(returns 1), however I am still having a problem linking this to glupload in that it is returning zero.

Any ideas?

Thanks again

The error that appears is “failed to retrieve wrapped context”.