Any part of gstreamer source has licenses other than LGPL?

I built gstreamer 1.22.7 from the source and will deploy it with my app. Would like to know the license requirements of each plugin or component with license other than LGPL.

Start here GStreamer Plugin Splitup

You have to specify GPL when you build. I believe it is false by default just as with FFmpeg.

Thank you for reply.
GStreamer has license LGPL. I want to know if any part of gstreamer from the source has GPL.

The core of gstreamer is LGPL, as are gst-plugins-base and gst-plugins-good. For any ‘ugly’ plugin you use you will need to check that plugin. The preferred license of GStreamer is LGPL.

Lets take the x264enc plugin as an example. The plugin’s source is LGPL. However the x264 library is GPL. So if you use x264enc you will need to address how you use the underlying x264 library.

Thanks a lot, Steve. I am not using x264 and will take a look at other components there.