Building 1.24.0/1.24.1 with cerbero on VS 2022 toolchain

Has anyone had any luck at all using Cerbero to build and package the 1.24 versions on Windows with the VS 2022 toolchain?

We can build the 1.22 releases just fine with the 2022 toolchain and we depend upon that as our code stack is all on the 2022 toolchain and previously we were having issues with crashes due to glib memory management, and differing c runtimes between our 2022 linked code and the public releases built against the 2019 toolchain.

Getting both building against the 2022 toolchain fixed those issues for us but now we’re trying to get to the 1.24 releases for all of their improvements, but the webrtc-audio-processing recipe fails for MSVC compilation errors in one of the headers. Given that webertc-audio-coding-1 is part of that recipe and other webrtc code is now dependent on that library, we’re dead in the water short of forking the webrtc-audio-processing project to produce our own tarball with the file fixed and patching the cerbero recipes.

Relevant lines from the logs:

C:\cerbero\build\sources\msvc_x86_64\webrtc-audio-processing-1.3\webrtc\modules/audio_processing/include/audio_processing.h(409): error C2676: binary '<<': 'rtc::webrtc_checks_impl::LogStreamer<>' does not define this operator or a conversion to a type acceptable to the predefined operator

Line in source:

RTC_DCHECK_GE(gain, 1.f) << "Attenuation is not allowed.";

looks like a compiler bug already fixed in recent visual studio release

I’m using 17.9.2; the link suggests any of the 17.9 builds fix it, but will update to 17.9.5 and see if it fixes it.


17.9.2 and 17.9.5 MSVC fails with the same errors;
current MSVC compiler version: 19.38.33135
compiler bug regression? Any tips on workarounds?

Downgraded VS 2022 to 17.9.0 - same errors on the one header.

Did you update compiler to the latest version?

VS 2022 17.9.4 with cl version 19.39.33523 works fine here.

Sorry for the late reply, been out sick for a bit. I tried a clean install of latest VS 2022 17.4 (I had just been installing the build tools and not one of the full VS installs) and it compiled clean.