Cerbero 1.22.5 build w/ rust fails to build w/ dependency failure (expected newer version of rust than cerbero uses)

I’m building w/ cerbero tag 1.22.5. when rust variant is enabled, it grabs rustup 1.25.2, which grabs rust 1.67.0. The build goes on OK but fails with this error:

14:38:19  -----> Contents of /cerbero-build/logs/build-tools/cargo-c-install.log:
14:38:19  ***** Error running 'bootstrap' command:
14:38:19  Recipe 'cargo-c' failed at the build step 'install'
14:38:19  Command Error: Running ['/cerbero-build/rust/cargo/bin/cargo', 'install', '--path', '/cerbero-build/sources/build-tools/cargo-c-0.9.16', '--root', '/cerbero-build/build-tools', '--verbose', '--offline', '--target', 'x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu', '--target-dir', '/cerbero-build/sources/build-tools/cargo-c-0.9.16/_builddir'] returned 101
14:38:19  Output in logfile /cerbero-build/logs/build-tools/cargo-c-install.log
14:38:19  Running command ['/cerbero-build/rust/cargo/bin/cargo', 'install', '--path', '/cerbero-build/sources/build-tools/cargo-c-0.9.16', '--root', '/cerbero-build/build-tools', '--verbose', '--offline', '--target', 'x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu', '--target-dir', '/cerbero-build/sources/build-tools/cargo-c-0.9.16/_builddir'] in .
14:38:19    Installing cargo-c v0.9.16+cargo-0.68 (/cerbero-build/sources/build-tools/cargo-c-0.9.16)
14:38:19  error: failed to compile `cargo-c v0.9.16+cargo-0.68 (/cerbero-build/sources/build-tools/cargo-c-0.9.16)`, intermediate artifacts can be found at `/cerbero-build/sources/build-tools/cargo-c-0.9.16/_builddir`
14:38:19  Caused by:
14:38:19    package `clap_lex v0.5.1` cannot be built because it requires rustc 1.70.0 or newer, while the currently active rustc version is 1.67.0
14:38:19    Either upgrade to rustc 1.70.0 or newer, or use
14:38:19    cargo update -p clap_lex@0.5.1 --precise ver
14:38:19    where `ver` is the latest version of `clap_lex` supporting rustc 1.67.0

I suspect there’s an overly generous semver for clap_lex.

I don’t know if this is a bug where clap_lex version should be limited to last supported version for 1.67.0 as the help message suggests, or something else went off the rails? Not sure if I should shim in an update to the version somehow?

That’s fixed by Backport of "cargo-c.recipe: Force openssl-sys to pick our openssl, not brew and add a Cargo.lock file" into 1.22 (!1259) · Merge requests · GStreamer / cerbero · GitLab , which is part of 1.22.6 and newer.