Cerbero to cross build for android platform. but no libgstandroidmedia.a found


I used Cerbero to cross build for android platform.
./cerbero-uninstalled -c config/cross-android-universal.cbc bootstrap
./cerbero-uninstalled -c config/cross-android-universal.cbc package gstreamer-1.0
(During build x264 fail and I skip it.)

But I can not find libgstandroidmedia.a in cerbero/build/dist/android_universal/arm64.

Do you know why? Thank you for your help.

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I need some specific gstreamer libs and therefore, did not use Cerbero to build it.
I guess Cerbero is applied for building the whole thing.

You can get prebuilt gstreamer for Android from here:
and here

Why do you want to build it?

Thank you for your answer.
Now Android media can be compiled.
I need change source code and get my androidmedia.

Best Regards.