Create video collage with dynamic text area (footer)


Given few videos, I need to make collage with them and add some dynamic text description to text area (footer). Smth like on image below:

So, basically there is three areas – two for videos and one for text description, which change within time. I know about compositor element, textoverlay but it looks like I need to build some custom control with video elements, play video, show text and capture contents.
How can it be done with gst?

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Anyone to the rescue?

It’s a bit unclear to me from your description what exactly you’re after. You mention you know about compositor etc but not what the problem is with using those.

For what it’s worth, there’s also an overlaycomposition element that allows you to draw and position overlays on top of a video with some other API (e.g. cairo or whatnot), which could be used for banners for example.

Another approach often taken is to have the overlays renderedwith a web engine using wepsrc or cefsrc and then composite those on top of the video with compositor or glvideomixer or somesuch.

Hi, thank you for reply.

Given some videos (probably with different fps), I need to build collage with them with some animation. Initially, I’ve decided to look at gst and it’s elements + it has some video montage capabilities. But for now I decided to stick to OpenCV and render frames “manually” – make collage, crop, draw some text or animation.