Feature freeze for 1.24 coming up!

We’ll start freezing git main branch for new features on Sunday 11 February 2024, end of day!

This is so we can start focusing our attention on stabilising, bug-fixing and sorting out blocker bugs for the upcoming 1.24 release.

It will probably still be okay to add a little new property here or a small piece of library API there, but new plugins, elements, libraries, or components should really wait for the next cycle once we’re feature frozen. Same for any other intrusive changes or major refactorings.

During the feature freeze any new features should be signed off by your friendly release managers.

If there’s anything you feel should really go into 1.24, please bring it up on Matrix, add a comment in gitlab, or set the ticket milestone to 1.24-dev-cycle.

The goal is to get 1.24 out as soon as possibly, and I think it’s been clear for a while that the end of the dev cycle is nigh.