Gst plugins good is not installed (windows vcpkg and msi install)

I Think plugins-good is missing from the instalation when using both


vcpkg install gstreamer[core,plugins-base,plugins-bad,plugins-good,plugins-ugly,dtls,gpl,libav,libde265,mpg123,speex,vpx,taglib,webp,faad,openh264,openmpt,openjpeg,jpeg,png,x265,x265]:x64-windows --editable --recurse
(even though plugins-good is part of the the “already installed” packages it’s not in the pkg-config modules list just after)

and from MSI installer (runtime + dev)

I think it’s not present because the default gstreamer example of loading a link
result in

0:00:00.225990000 24528 000002D466027020 WARN            uridecodebin gsturidecodebin.c:1488:gen_source_element:<uridecodebin0> error: No URI handler implemented for "https".
0:00:00.227224000 24528 000002D466027020 INFO        GST_ERROR_SYSTEM gstelement.c:2282:gst_element_message_full_with_details:<uridecodebin0> posting message: No URI handler implemented for "https".
0:00:00.228450000 24528 000002D466027020 INFO        GST_ERROR_SYSTEM gstelement.c:2309:gst_element_message_full_with_details:<uridecodebin0> posted error message: No URI handler implemented for "https".

My environment variables are correctly set (otherwise it would have already fail on the pipeline creation)

In both instaltion folder there is no plugin-good reference, and i tried to compare it to a meson + ninja install

    git clone
    meson build
    ninja -C build
    ninja -C build uninstalled

And it’s clear that both previous installation lack what /build/subprojects/gst-plugins-good/ fullness, but i can’t make it work for now.

My questions are:
Is that normal?
whare are we dealing with plugins-good? is this a .dll/.lib or is this a bunch of dll and if yes where can we find the list to make sure we have everything?
Most of instalation proccess can be resume in 2-4 line of command lines, can you please provide what you are using on your side? so we know what part is maintained (i know that gstreamer is mainly a linux used library, maybe vcpkg is not maintened and you are using meson for you automated test before delivery)

thank you for your help

The vcpkg binaries are not provided by us, so we can’t really provide support for those. Chances are they’re missing the right dependencies for https support in libsoup.

Please note that the gst-build repo has been deprecated and been inactive for years now, Use the monorepo instead, see GStreamer mono repository FAQ

The msi binary packages should include https support.

Thank you, now at least i know where to look at, i’ll update this ticket when i could make it work.

Spend some time with meson option too, like … -Dbase=enabled -Dgood=enabled -Dbad=enabled -Dugly=enabled …

SWEET Liberty, i’ve never felt so much freedom since my brother has been sent to Malevelon Creek by the democratic officer.

So to install here is the full tuto stackoverflow

In short : use msi install, don’t add bin folder to your path, don’t forget both include and additionnal library to your visual, and you should be good.

Thank you for your contribution and work, your are great people, but damn… the official website need a windows install page.

Have a great night.

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