GStreamer 1.22.7 fails to initialise on macOS ventura but runs without issue in sonoma

I’m porting an application to macOS that uses GStreamer and building via an Xcode project. The project creates an Universal2 app bundle that currently only works on macOS sonoma (both x86 and arm64) but I would like to target at least that last three major versions, and Xcode allows me to do so without any errors. I’ve set the minimum target version in the settings and verified that GStreamer and SDL2 which i’m also using are compatible with versions far before and including ventura.

I’m using gstvideo to render mp4 video files, and they simply just don’t run in ventura, and instead a black window is rendered in its place. My environment for these videos is exactly the same on both versions, so I can stump out it being an error in the video. In my logging for my application I can also see that it fails to log initialising GStreamer