GStreamer 1.22.9 on macOS - no GTK - how to install

On guidance from gstreamer dev team and continued issues with various tutorials, e.g. tutorial 5 which requires GTK, I’ve removed all homebrew instances of gstreamer from my macOS M1 system (Apple Silicon running Ventura) and have installed both runtime and devel .pkgs.

There is no GTK included with pkgconfig and I haven’t been able to find any clear documentation on how to install it for macOS. From the gstreamer docs for macos:

It's important to use the pkg-configprovided by theGStreamer.framework(not the one provided by Homebrew for example), that's why we setPATHto findpkg-config from the right location.

I can confirm GTK is missing in the gstreamer framework.

The response from gstreamer on gitlab is:

GTK is not shipped with the GStreamer binaries and you need to get it yourself from somewhere, and also build the GStreamer GTK3 plugin yourself for macOS.

There doesn't seem to be any problem here other than missing things in your environment. For setup problems, please ask on []( for GStreamer-specific things and on []( for GTK/GNOME-specific things.

Can anyone please provide a way for me to install GTK for gstreamer on macos without using homebrew - or - provide a path I can point my environment to (.bash_profile) so that I can compile in GTK (specifically so I can test basic-tutorial-5.c)?

Note: I do have GTK installed via Homebrew but I can’t figure out how to set a path to point to it for only gstreamer apps.

Also: I am willing to document this for anyone else and provide that info back to gstreamer directly.

Thanks in advance, this shouldn’t be this hard.