GStreamer as virtual cam on windows


Thanks for your nice project streamer good and very low latency for me,

I send camera flux from multiples raspberrys to my windows PC.
So GStreamer working good i can show the stream with gst-launcher or catch it on opencv2 (cv2.CAP_GSTREAMER) easily.

So now i want to emulate the received stream flux on my windows PC as virtuals webcams (so obs can do that with one webcam, or multiples but heavy method) , can i emulate multiple webcams on my windows pc many virtuals cameras from each raspebrry to my pc on Windows ?

I see one project talk of pyvirtualcam but seem only use one camera (use obs or unity virtual cam adaptator)

For exemple

raspberry1 cam1 GStreamer sender => GStreamer receiver MyPC Windows 10 => VirtCam 1

raspberry2 cam2 GStreamer sender => GStreamer receiver MyPCWindows 10 => VirtCam 2


Thanks in advance.

GStreamer does not have Windows virtual cam feature. If the virtual cam is used by external applications such as browser, obs-like external solutions is required (implementing DirectShow COM server or so)

Or everything is under your control (your are writing sender/receiver/virtual cam receiver), Windows IPC element (win32ipcvideo{src,sink} and d3d11ipc{src,sink} ) can be an option