H.265 Closed Captions

Hello everyone,
I am developing an application that receives TS streams, after demuxing the stream and adding a parser for the respective video codec I have a ccextractor.

From MPEG-2 I can extract and process the captions without any issue. When the stream is encoded in H.265 the text appears with some duplicate syllables. I will post an example of a line below:

Lines {
            column: 0,
            row: 14,
            chunks: [
                Chunk {
                    style: "White",
                    underline: false,
                    text: "TRTRANANSPSPORORTETE M MáÁS S L ",
            carriage_return: None,

This is directly extracted from the cea608tojson plugin. I also have a ccconverter between the extractor and the cea608tojson, so I can use CEA-708 and it works properly in MPEG-2.
I played the video on VLC and the CC are shown properly.

Does anyone know what can be causing this issue?
Thanks in advance,

This may be a result of the cea608 stream duplicating pairs for redundancy that is not being ignored by the cea608tojson element. If you can reproduce this with cea608tojson from main. Please file an issue in gitlab with an appropriate test case.

Okay. I will do so as soon as I can