How to handle an empty video file when the file is loaded into a pipeline

I am making a player to play video files. My app simply freezes when the video file is empty. I wrote a small test program which can not get bus errors. How to handle this problem in gstreamer?

You should get an error message on the bus in that case.

$ touch empty

$ gst-play-1.0 empty 
ERROR Stream contains no data. for file:///home/tpm/empty
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Thanks for your reply, Tim. I got error:
ERROR Could not determine type of stream
with gstreamer 1.22.5 on Ubuntu 22.04
No bus error for this?

When I ran my pipeline in my app to load an empty video file, I got error message
***buffer overflow detected ***: terminated
the whole app crashed. I set a break point inside bus error handler and did not see any error there.

We’d need to see a stack trace from the crash/abort to know what’s going on there (with debug symbols please), to see if it’s in your app or somewhere in GStreamer (or other dependencies).