How to ignore the first 10 frames of a videostream when saving to filesink

Hi there.

I am building a pipeline that stores video streams from two CSI MIPI cameras as .png files using pngenc and multifilesink. When I analyse a camera output I can see that it takes 10 frames for exposure and white balance to affect the images. I would therefore like to begin storing frames, sequentially numbered 1, 2 etc after ignoring the first 10 frames that the camera outputs. I have looked at the ‘identity’ element, but there does not appear to be anything that allows the required degree of control.
Please point me in the right direction, or otherwise offer some advice.
Thank you

If you have an application, e.g. in Rust, Python or C, the quickest way would probably be to add a pad probe for buffers to the camera source’s sourcepad and use that to drop the first N buffers.

Not sure it’s easily possible with gst-launch-1.0.

Thank you tpm, I’ll follow your advice in Python.

Based on my research, I think your final comment is probably also true, sadly. I will be using this pipeline in a ‘near real time’ edge device and so I am trying to keep the number of separate processes as low as possible.

Thanks again