How to implement seeking for a rtsp source on Android?

Hi team.

I need to build a program that runs as a rtsp server. The program serves an mp4 file as rtsp source, and a VLC app can stream the rtsp.

For implementing the server, I followed this project android-rtsp-server. I managed to make this project work and I can stream the rtsp source using VLC app.

Now I need to build a rtsp player. I’ve tried the sample from tutorial4 for android, the player could play/pause the rtsp stream, but it could not get the stream duration nor seeking to a position. Meanwhile the VLC app can do it.

So, how can I implement the seeking to a position for a rtsp source? Could someone give me some orientations, please?

Best regards!

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We changed to lib Vlc for android and use it as a rtsp client for now, we gaved up the idea of implementing rtsp player using gstreamer.