I need to get the video camera up using gstreamer on the new beagleY-AI

Not sure where to start since this is a very complex package.

Problem is the video camera does not work on the new BeagleY-AI or the RPi 5 running ubuntu 24.x. Also tried ffmpeg and that is also broken on both boards. I am assuming it might very well be the drivers?? Links to tools used to debug the issue?
If someone would suggest a good starting point for this it would be greatly appreciated.

Device trees are loaded and it is recognized by the kernal and will echo back the config.

What’s “the camera” and how is it connected to the device?

What’s the output of v4l2-ctl --list-devices ? (v4l-utils package on debian/ubuntu)

IMX219 I believe both boards it was on port labeled with a 0. I am away from them at the moment so this is by memory.

fred@bby1:~$ v4l2-ctl --list-devices
j721e-csi2rx (platform:30102000.ticsi2rx):

e5010 (platform:e5010):

wave5-dec (platform:wave5-dec):

wave5-enc (platform:wave5-enc):