Incorrect buffer size for bayer2rgb in 1.24.0

The following stream works fine in 1.22.11, but fails in 1.24.0:

my-camera-src ! video/x-bayer,format=rggb ! videorate ! video/x-bayer,format=rggb,framerate=30/1 ! queue ! bayer2rgb ! video/x-raw,format=RGBA ! queue ! webrtcsink video-caps=“video/x-h264” meta=“meta,name=stream-name” signaller::uri=“ws://”

0:00:09.177544291   201 0x7cd83c000b70 ERROR                default video-frame.c:181:gst_video_frame_map_id: invalid buffer size 588544 < 2354176
0:00:09.177561093   201 0x7cd83c000b70 WARN               bayer2rgb gstbayer2rgb.c:789:gst_bayer2rgb_transform:<bayer2rgb0> Could not map buffer, skipping

588544 is equal to exactly my camera’s width time height and 2354176 is exactly 4 times 588544. I suspect that something is expecting RGBx or RGBA but is getting bayer rggb. I know my-camera-src has the ability to change my camera’s output format based on caps negotiation. But I thought that setting a capsfilter to “video/x-bayer,format=rggb” right after it would force it to use those caps.