Is it possible to implement Gstreamer in Angular 15+

I have a python server that sets up a GStreamer pipeline. It encodes a video and sends it over UDP to a specified client (host and port).
If the client is an angular web application, how will it receive this data, are there any third party libraries that can help Angular with that?

I have no experience with Angular whatsoever, but I do have some experience with streaming. Here are my two cents:

  • Streaming raw UDP will likely require you to implement a custom solution.
  • It might be easier if you opt for a well defined streaming standard like WebRTC, RTSP, SRT, HLS, DASH, etc…,
  • WebRTC is supported directly by most browsers natively.
  • HLS and Dash can be displayed using the <video> element
  • RTSP is extremely popular, i would assume there are angular clients out there.
  • All these are UDP underneath.

Hope this helps

  • All these are UDP underneath.

HLS/DASH are actually HTTP/TCP-based.

Apart from that, WebRTC or HLS/DASH seem like the most useful solutions here as they’re directly possible to use in a web browser. SRT and RTSP would require some kind of media server that then provides these streams as WebRTC/HLS/DASH to the browser in the end.

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