Issue with nvjpegdec in GStreamer pipeline

I’m encountering an error with the nvjpegdec element in my GStreamer pipeline.
Pipeline -
`‘v4l2src’ ‘device=/dev/video0’ ‘do-timestamp=true’ ‘!’ ‘identity’ ‘drop-buffer-flags=corrupted’ ‘!’ '‘watchdog’ ‘timeout=300000’ ‘!’ ‘image/jpeg,width=1920,height=1080’ ‘!’ ‘nvjpegdec’ ‘!’ ‘fakesink’

The error messages I’m seeing in the logs are:

ERROR nvdec gstnvdec.c:428:parser_sequence_callback:<nvjpegdec0> unhandled chroma format 2, bitdepth 8
WARN nvdec gstnvdec.c:716:parser_decode_callback: CUDA call failed: CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE, invalid resource handle
ERROR nvdec gstnvdec.c:717:parser_decode_callback:<nvjpegdec0> failed to decode picture

I’ve tried adjusting the pipeline configuration, but I’m still unable to resolve this issue. As I’m relatively new to GStreamer, I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to address this problem.

Gstreamer Version - 1.24.0
CUDA Version: 12.2
NVIDIA-SMI 535.154.05

Thank you in advance for your help!