Latency query failed

0:00:00.041924546 2287421 0x562c1ea8a980 WARN aggregator gstaggregator.c:2149:gst_aggregator_query_latency_unlocked:<amix> Latency query failed
0:00:00.041947274 2287421 0x562c1ea8a980 WARN aggregator gstaggregator.c:2149:gst_aggregator_query_latency_unlocked:<mux> Latency query failed

mux is a flvmux element and amix is an audio mixer. What can cause this problem? And how to debug?

The pipeline is as follows(gstreamer 1.22.7):
flvmux streamable=true name=mux ! rtmpsink location=“*** app=live2” ximagesrc use-damage=0 show-pointer=0 endx=*** endy=*** ! queue ! vapostproc ! vah264enc rate-control=vbr bitrate=1500 target-usage=7 ! h264parse ! mux. audiomixer name=amix. …

is my problem similar to this one?

The same pipeline runs fine with vaapipostproc and vaapih264enc

More issues here.

Is the bug fixed or reintroduced by va video encoder?

Any helps? Nobody had this problem before?