Navigation events test (mouse inputs) - wpesrc

Im trying to test navigation event using the sample in:

gst-launch-1.0 wpesrc location= ! queue ! webrtcsink enable-data-channel-navigation=true meta="meta,name=web-stream"

gst-launch-1.0 webrtcsrc signaller::producer-peer-id=<webrtcsink-peer-id> enable-data-channel-navigation=true ! videoconvert ! autovideosink

but I can not get the element wpesrc to work or to install it.
WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element “wpesrc”

Im running ubuntu and I have already install packages
sudo apt install libwpewebkit-1.0-3

as well as compile gstreamer with


Trying with navigation-enabled I always get this errors on each mouse/keyboard event (Could not send event)

0:00:41.100892227 99261 0x746f00075640 INFO dtlsconnection gstdtlsconnection.c:1071:openssl_poll: handshake is completed
0:00:41.100929907 99261 0x746f00075640 INFO GST_ELEMENT_PADS gstelement.c:1016:gst_element_get_static_pad: found pad sctpdec0:src_1
0:00:41.101115856 99261 0x746f1c032060 INFO webrtcsink net/webrtc/src/webrtcsink/{{closure}}: Could not send event: Event { ptr: 0x746f00088470, type: “navigation”, seqnum: Seqnum(2750), structure: Some(application/x-gst-navigation { event: (gchararray) “mouse-move”, pointer_x: (gdouble) 566.000000, pointer_y: (gdouble) 510.000000, state: (GstNavigationModifierType) ((GstNavigationModifierType) GST_NAVIGATION_MODIFIER_NONE) }) }

please help to get wpesrc install or any other recommend way to test navigation events?


Is gst-inspect-1.0 wpe showing anything?

Do you have in your build?

If so try to inspect it too.

Thanks Philn. you are right, the element is also not present in the gst-inspect-1.0.

I fixed it this way just in case someone else need it:

apt install libwpewebkit-1.0-3 libwpewebkit-1.0-dev libwpewebkit-1.0-doc wpewebkit-driver
## WPE
    git clone
    cd WPEBackend-fdo
    meson build --prefix /usr/local/
    meson install -C build/
recompile/install gstreamer with :