Need a sample code for IP Camera scenario

I’m going to build a WebRTC IP Camera with GStreamer WebRTCBin. I investigated all of the WebRTC samples, none of them could meet the requirements. I need help and the following are some key points:

  1. WebRTCBin should receive offer and send answer. In all of the GStreamer WebRTC samples, WebRTCBin sends offers. An IP Camera never connects to others actively, it always waits to be connected.
  2. There should be multiple WebRTC connections between IP Camera and the browsers. And the number of the connections (viewers) is undetermined. In the samples, there is only one static connection. We have to deal with multiple, dynamic WebRTC connections.
  3. We need change the resolution of the video or add/remove audio tracks during the video transmission. And these operations would be processed seamlessly, which means the video stream would not be interrupted during the operations.
  4. We have to handle exceptional disconnection. If there is a network issue, our program should close the problematic WebRTC connections gracefully. All the samples ignore it.

I hope GStreamer team could provide the samples which cover the scenarios above. If the native counterpart samples of could be provided, I think it’ll dominate the native WebRTC scenario.

At last, good wishes to the greatest framework. It’s our honor to use it.