New GStreamer Matrix chat space

Hello everyone,

As part of the ongoing effort to provide better tooling and services for the GStreamer community at wide, there is now a Matrix instance for GStreamer available at . You can join using a matrix client and a matrix account (the GStreamer instance does not provide account creation).

The decision comes after discussions that took place during the GStreamer conference/hackfest and discussions here : A replacement for IRC . But the summary is that Matrix provides a modern chat system with features people expect in this day and age, while not being a closed silo.

There are already some rooms up:

Note that a client with support for spaces and threads is recommended (but not mandatory).

In terms of the OFTC IRC channel, it will remain bridged to matrix (2/3 users in #gstreamer on IRC are already accessing it via Matrix), but we recommend switching over to using the above matrix rooms since:

  • They provide the full matrix experience (history, threads, search, emojis, calls,…)
  • They offer more rooms than the (single) IRC room
  • Using the IRC bridge requires you to handle IRC commands if you wish to join/speak there (NickServ)
  • The IRC bridge isn’t maintained by the GStreamer community and we cannot guarantee it will always be around/up.

More rooms have been added since the initial announcement. The full list is available via the GStreamer Matrix Space among which: