Not able to create filesrc element

I am facing a wierd issue.
I was trying to create a filesrc element using gst_element_factory_make but getting a nullptr in return.

I was using 1.22.5 version earlier and was able to create the element with this version.

Recently i have updated to 1.22.6 and i am facing this issue.
Have tried repair and clean installation but still i am facing the same issue.

Can anyone help me here?

Can you check if the element is available via gst-inspect-1.0 filesrc

The element is available i have checked using
gst-inspect-1.0 filesrc
Able to see the element info and properties using the above cmd line option

Check the debug logs when running your application, and also compare the registry loading in the logs with the one from gst-inspect-1.0. There is probably some kind of environment difference between the two.

I have reinstalled mingw-x64bit binaries instead of msvc-x64 and the issue is resolved for me.