Orc 0.4.37 release

The GStreamer team is pleased to announce another release of liborc, the Optimized Inner Loop Runtime Compiler, which is used for SIMD acceleration in GStreamer plugins such as audioconvert, audiomixer, compositor, videoscale, and videoconvert, to name just a few.

This is a bug-fix release that fixes some recent regressions, but also properly enables liborc on Apple arm64 devices.


  • Apple arm64 enablement
  • macOS/iOS fixes
  • orcc regression fix, would default to “sse” backend
  • MMX backend fixes
  • orc testsuite fixes

Direct tarball download




Aleix Conchillo Flaqué, Jorge Zapata, L. E. Segovia (amyspark), Sebastian Dröge, Tim-Philipp Müller.

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Note to packagers and distributors:

If you’re updating Orc from 0.4.36 to 0.4.37 you must rebuild dependencies such as GStreamer in order for the orcc bug fix to take effect. Without it, users might see crashes on aarch64.

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