Privacy policy and data retention policy on main website

Hi there,

I find that it is common for corporate IT departments to strictly require 3 things when green-lighting software during a security review:

  1. Privacy policy.
  2. Data retention policy
  3. Publisher/developer information.

Would it be possible to add a page containing these three items to your main website:


The GStreamer project itself does not store any personal information, it’s a framework/library which is not hosted.

The services used by the GStreamer community each have their own privacy policy:

As for “Publisher/developer information”, I am not sure what you mean. There is not one “corporate IT department” behind the GStreamer code, it is developed openly and the contributors are visible in the git history.

Hi Bilboed,

Thanks for the info.

I guess what I am trying to point out is that corporate IT departments can be frustratingly finicky when it comes to verifying software, open-source or otherwise. Even though this information is available in the links that you sent, they want to see it “on the main website” so to speak.

For “developer information”, I’m not entirely sure what that means either, but I imagine that means the list of main contacts (e.g. lead developers).