QT multi-window application

I’m working in a QT multi-window application and using qmlglsink. When using qmlglsink in one window, everything works, but if you run pipelines in different windows, streaming occurs only in the first one, and in the others there is a black screen. Is it possible to run pipelines in multiple windows in QT?

Yes, it should be possible to run multiple qmlglsink elements in multiple windows. If you have a test case. If you have a reproducible test case, please share.

I created a mini qt project to run multiple pipelines in different windows. I was using Ubuntu

Using the latest main of GStreamer with Qt 5.15.13. That example works just fine. What versions of GStreamer and Qt are you using?

I use Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS with packages Gstreamer 1.20 and Qt 5.15.3.

Ah, this may require a newer GStreamer version to work properly in this specific case. Trying against my distribution’s GStreamer 1.22.12, then this seems to fail. This may require GStreamer >= 1.24.3 to work properly.

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