Rist: custom properties on the internal rtpbins


The rist- src and -sink element manages their own internal rtpbin to send and receive RTP and RTCP messages.

Say we wanted to package H26x- or audio- data ourselves and sync it at receiver side without using mpeg-ts … sort of like described in Instantaneous RTP synchronization & retrieval of absolute sender clock times with GStreamer, with setting the rtcp-sync-send-time and ntp-time-source properties among others.

Would it make sense to add some kind of property or signal to the elements, to retrieve the internal rtpbin, or should this be done on application side by iterating through the element looking for the rtpbin factory name?

All the best

The child rtpbin should already be accessible. Check gst-inspect for its exact name.

As for non mpeg-ts payload, support has been merged today, matching rtspsrc/sink properties.

Thank you I had missed the children!