Rptvrawpay/depay format limitations tighter than RFC?

So looking at rtpvrawpay, it has a fairly tight list of accepted formats - a few common 8 and one 10 bit format. However, per RFC 4175, it should actually accept quite a number of standard formats in 8, 10, 12, and 16 bit depth. So in theory, it would be acceptable per the RFC for it to sink GRAY16_*E, Y444_*E, Y216, or Y416.

Is there a particular reason that rtpvrawpay/depay don’t currently support this? Or is it just a matter of developer resources and no one has needed to implement it yet?

It’s just a matter of nobody having needed other formats / not having added another format. Each format has to be added explicitly.

If there are other formats that you need, please add it and create a merge request in gitlab for it. Thanks!

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