Send Audio Visualiser image data to video SDL2 texture via appsink

I’m using C++ to create an app which leverages gstreamer for audio and video playback.
I have a playbin3 with audio, video and visualisation flags enabled. It works great, with video files playing video and audio, and audio only files playing, accompanied by the visualisations as expected.
I then replaced the built-in video sink with an appsink element, and hooked a function to that which renders the video to an SDL2 Texture. That works fine for video files, but I was expecting the audio visualisation images to be treated like video data and also be sent to my SDL2 Texture. But they don’t, so gstreamer doesn’t seem to treat visualisation image data like video data. Is this a correct assumption? And if so, how can I render the audio visualisation image data to my SDL2 Texture like it does with video?

Many thanks,