Sending application data to a plugin/element

I am using gstcefsrc (fork), and I need to send application defined data to cefsrc. The only way I have found is to either add a property, or add a function to the klass and cast to the type in my app and call it. Is there an idiomatic gstreamer/GObject way to do this? I figured I would simply add a property and call it a day, but thought I would ask if there is a better way to do this.

The data will be passed over IPC to a chromium render process. The code that will handle this will not touch any gstreamer API’s.


Maybe with a GObject action signal?

Thanks philn for the reply.

That is what we are going to do with data flowing from Chromium/IPC/cefsrc → App. We decided rather than piping data through App → cefsrc/IPC/Chromium we are going to use a websocket (Chromium ↔ Node) to avoid the all the layers we would have to go through. I was really dreading the idea of debugging it.