Socket library dependency


I am building gstreamer on a QNX system, which requires -lsocket for all use of the socket API. So far I have been hacking at the meson build files to add the library as a dependency, but there has to be a better way.
As QNX is not the only system that has this library (I believe the various *BSDs have it as well), how does it usually get handled?

One thing that is interesting is that the pkgconfig file for gio mentions -lsocket under Libs.private, but it doesn’t seem to be picked up.


As BSD is fully supported, it’s probably a good idea to investigate why it works for them. Windows has similar requirements and is well supported. It’s quite possible the meson have helpers that needs to be added, you can ping Nirbheek and Xavier on IRC for assistance.

Thanks for replying.
As far as I can tell Windows socket support is spread throughout the build system, and I added the libsocket dependency pretty much in the same places. I was just curious as to how it works on other platforms that have this requirement.