SSL error when git cloning the GStreamer plugin example

When starting to learn how to write a plugin you are directed to clone an example in:
git clone GStreamer / gst-template · GitLab
Cloning into ‘gst-template’…
fatal: unable to access ‘GStreamer / gst-template · GitLab’: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired.
I know we can do “http.sslVerify=false” but it will be nice if someone will fix the SSL certificate that seems to be a problem in a number of places.

This is mostly likely a timing issue with the certificate update, it is working now. Or perhaps you have clock issues on your system.

Thanks for your fast respond.
Tested on windows 10, and it still has the same problem :
My time zone is UTC +2.
I use the standard windows time service.
No problem cloneing from other places (like github)

Ran some online checks, no issues, the certificate is valid till the 21st. For checking independently from your local configuration you can use testtls, I’ve ran it through two more services just in case and no error has been reported.

Can you open this in your browser and provide the full report? (Assuming your browser will agree with git).

Thx again for your respond
I ran testtls (for GStreamer / gst-template · GitLab) from my PC it shows no problems. I can open GStreamer / gst-template · GitLab from my chrome browser. and it has no problem. The problem is from the command line when running a git clone … command.
But as I said, I have a work around :slight_smile:

Like Nicolas, I also think this is most likely a certificate or other issue on your end.

Different applications use different certificate stores so just because it works in Chrome doesn’t mean there isn’t a local issue.

I’d double check where your git binary comes from or is picked up from, it’s bundled in loads of other packages so might well be outdated.

Thanks for all answers.

It of course can be a problem on my end. But it does not happen when I clone from bitbucket or from github…
If i will find the problem I will post.