Timestamp Logging Issue in Gstreamer Versions 1.22.10 and 1.24.0

I’m relatively new to using GStreamer I’m encountering an issue with timestamp logging while using Gstreamer for RTMP broadcasting. Previously, with Gstreamer version 1.16.2, I didn’t encounter any timestamp logging in the logs. However, after upgrading to versions 1.22.10 and 1.24.0, I noticed that timestamp logs are being printed at every second.Pipeline:

flvmux name=flv streamable=true ! rtmpsink location=“rtmp://” sync=false async=false max-lateness=2000000000 rtspsrc name=rtsp location=“rtsp://localhost:23101/MLITcam01” retry=100 latency=0 rtsp. ! rtph264depay ! h264parse ! queue ! flv.video audiotestsrc wave=silence ! queue ! audioconvert ! voaacenc bitrate=16000 ! aacparse ! queue ! flv.audio

Upon running the above pipeline, timestamp logs are being printed at every second, which was not the case with Gstreamer version 1.16.2. This unnecessary logging behavior is affecting the clarity and readability of the logs.
Steps Taken:

  1. Tried the pipeline on both Gstreamer versions 1.22.10 and 1.24.0.
  2. Ensured that there are no additional debug flags enabled that might trigger this behavior.

Pass the --no-position argument to gst-launch-1.0

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