Transform ip is not invoked for PlayReady DRM


I am working on media player application, integrating AAMP Player with PlayReady 3.0 DRM with Gstreamer 1.10.4.
DRM sessions are created successfully for KIDs, but facing issue where “transform_ip” is not called from Base Class (gstbasetransform.c) for playready content, due to which “gst_aampcdmidecryptor_transform_ip” is not invoked for content decryption. Can anyone suggest where could be the issue and steps to investigate this further.
Please let me know any other information is required.



You seem to be using an element that is not part of GStreamer itself, but from the plugins from the RDK team. I had a quick look at the code there and I can’t see anything obvious, you may want to enabled the logging for the Base Transform base class and see what it says. But you should really contact the RDK forum for questions about their code.


Thanks Olivier for your response, will check.