Using GST_TRACERS in an Android application

I have a Android application based on tutorial3 with pre-built Android Universal [1.22.6].
The application works find, now i would like to trace the latencies.
But even i set environment vars GST_DEBUG=GST_TRACERS:7 und GST_TRACERS=latency(flags=pipeline+element) within my application i get no information in logcat.

Any help is highly appreciated

Assuming no typo in the env, and also that you set the env before gst_init, I would suspect that you may have forgot to include the tracers plugin in your build.

I included coretracers, i think that is what you mentioned.

As i have a Java application i set the env before GStreamer.init.
Should the traces appear in logcat?

If included, registered, and no error in the env, yes, since it’s just a debug category.


We are seeing the same issue as mentioned in this thread and not seeing tracers log in logcat even after using env variables as GST_DEBUG=GST_TRACERS:7 und GST_TRACERS=latency(flags=pipeline+element) before gst_init. Do we need to redirtect the stderr as mentioned in this thread below?


The debug category is GST_TRACER with no S. While the variable to enable tracers has an S (no comment).