V4L2 video decoder testing using visl

Referring to the release notes, GStreamer 1.24 release notes
in the section related to GStreamer Video4Linux2 support, it mentions testing stateless decoders using visl.

Stateless decoders now tested using Virtual driver (visl), making it possible to run the tests in the cloud based CI

Could anyone provide me with any references, examples, or information on how I can test stateless v4l2 decoders using visl?
Thanks in advance.

Indeed, we have this enabled in our CI.

In short, the kernel image with VISL enabled is built and stored in our docker image registry.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gstreamer/amd64/fedora:2023-11-16.0-main in /opt/linux/bzImage. When you setup your build you have to add -Dvirtme_kernel_image=/opt/linux/bzImage. And finally, upon sucessful build you can run the test with:

meson test -C build -v --suite v4l2-stateless-decoders

Thanks I’ll check them.