WebRTC: remove SRTP streams from DTLS on-a-fly

Hey there,
I’m using webrtcbin for streaming from embedded platform (Jetson) to browser (which is typically Google Chrome). So this is a multi-streaming solution (8 SRTP streams in 1 DTLS connection from Jetson to desktop browser). The goal is to remove and to add SRTP streams on-a-fly without restarting DTLS connection to avoid DTLS handshake delays.
At the moment I’m using RTCPeerConnection from the receiver side, and direction property to transit “recvonly” state to “inactive” state. This transition is successfully handled by webrtcbin using signaling protocol, SDP offer / SDP answer are generated and applied.
However there is no expected result can be observed from webrtcbin side (“sendonly” state should be replaced by “inactive” state for those SRTP streams which are muted via SDP negotiations). A suspected reason is there are encoded frames still continue to sink from source to rtpbin elements.
Could someone advice what is the best way to stop SRTP streams which are disabled via SDP negotiations without stopping DTLS connection?
Here I’m attaching GStreamer graph for my pipeline.

Thanks in advance.