WebRTC: RTP synchronization

Hi all,

I’m currently using webrtcsink and -src to set up a streaming app between two machines. I’m struggling a bit to synchronise the clocks between the two piplelines, however. I’m following the RTP synchronization demo but I keep having to dig into the pipelines which doesn’t really feel right.

In the encoding pipeline I use just use the payloader setup signal to add a header extension, and in the decoding pipleline I dig out the jitter buffer to try to add reference timestamps but to no avail. There are other ways to synchronise the devices but I thought this one was pretty clean so I wanted to try it first. Is there any public demo I can use for some inspiration? Or are there any things I’ve missed?

The end goal here is to get an estimation of the end-to-end delay of the system.

Thanks in advance!

https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gst-plugins-rs/-/merge_requests/1463 might be of interest to you. That’s implementing this on top of WebRTC.

Note that this requires latest git main plus a still unmerged MR. Details are in the MR description.

Thank you for your quick reply, will try it out!