Which low-cost server to choose

Hello, I’ve launched a private concert livestreaming website. Given my ambitions, I plan to receive up to 100,000 people connected to a 4-hour concert, for example. 1. Which configuration, which technology HLS, WEBRTC… would you recommend, especially at a low cost and on a pay-per-use basis. 2. The site is currently hosted on a shared server. In terms of this objective, should we consider another configuration for the site, or will the bandwidth issue concern the streaming server?

Thank you in advance for your help.

I think for your use case DASH or HLS could be a suitable solution. Widely supported by browsers and other clients, widely deployed, well-understood and well-documented. Also fairly easy and cheap to scale up since it’s ultimately just serving files from a web server.

Plain old shoutcast/icecast or similar plain streaming solutions might work too, but might be a bit more fiddly to put behind a per-user paywall if that’s what you’re after.

WebRTC is useful if you require sub-second latency, but requires quite a bit of infrastructure/setup and doesn’t scale as well.