Why Isn't My udpsink Sending Packets in GStreamer Pipeline with multiple bin's and udpsink's?

We are encountering an issue with our pipeline, as illustrated in the provided diagram.

  1. Initial Setup:

    • We start by creating the input and output bins.
  2. Dynamic Connections:

    • We then dynamically link the input bin ‘input11’ with the output bin ‘output10’. This connection involves a series of elements: tee → queue → proxy → audiomixer.
  3. Streaming Process:

    • A RTP (Real-Time Protocol) stream is sent to the ‘udpsrc’ address in ‘input11’.

Issue Encountered:

  • Expected Behavior:

    • We anticipated that the ‘udpsink’ in ‘output10’ would transmit RTP packets.
  • Actual Behavior:

    • Contrary to our expectations, the ‘udpsink’ in ‘output10’ does not send RTP packets.
    • If we remove the ‘output11’ bin, the ‘udpsrc’ in ‘output10’ enters the PLAYING state and begins transmitting.

Questions and Concerns:

  • Is it feasible to maintain these bins within a single pipeline while ensuring that only one ‘udpsink’ sends packets?
  • Could there be a fundamental issue with this concept or the way these bins are configured in the pipeline?